Electronic Devices, Circuits and Systems

Welcome to the Electronic Devices, Circuits and Systems Group at PAF-KIET.

We are currently involved in the reseach and development of the following areas:

  • Mixed-signal and High-speed Digital CMOS/BiCMOS Circuits and Systems Desig for  a wide range of Sensor Interfaces

  • High-Speed Signaling IO Design

  • Ultra-Low-Power Design in Subthreshold

  • On-Chip Wireless Power Transfer Circuits

  • Monolithic Multi-Sensor Fusion on CMOS Dies

  • BioMEMS and its Readout Interface Design

  • Neural Signal Transduction and Processing

  • RF Trasceiver Design for 5G technologies

  • CMOS/Heterojunction device modeling/simulation


Dr. Syed Arsalan Jawed

Dr. Najam Muhammad Amin

College of Engineering,

PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology,

Main Campus, Korangi Creek, Karachi-75190, Pakistan.