Name Designation Area of Interest

Dr. Syed Arsalan Jawed

Associate Professor

Director EDCAS

Analog IC Design, Sensor Interfaces, Data Converters, High-Speed Signaling over Electrical Interconnecets, Wireless Power Transfer, Ultra-Low-Power Subthreshold Circuits, Temperature Sensors, MEMS Capacitive Sensors, 2.5D Packaging, Voltage and Current References

Dr. Najam Muhammad Amin

Assistant Professor

Deputy Director EDCAS

Circuits and Systems, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) design for wireless applications, Modeling transmission lines and other passives for Millimeter-wave (MMW) applications.  

Yasir Siddiqi Lead Researcher Current/Voltage References, IO Signaling, Data Converters
Muhammad mustaqim Phd Student RF and IR Energy Scavenging
Ovais akhter Phd Student Inband Full Duplex Transceiver Front-End for 5G Cellular
Naveed Senior Researcher Ultra Low Power Temperature Sensor Design
Ali Asghar Senior Researcher LVDS IO Design
Aqib Shahbaz Senior Researcher CMOS MEMS Accelerometer Design
Asma Mahar Senior Researcher MEMS Chemical Sensor and Readout Interface Design
Ayesha Hassan Senior Researcher BioMEMS for Pathogen Detection
Saifuddin Hirani Senior Researcher  
Abdul Khaliq Researcher Multispectral Imaging
Hamood Ur Rehman Researcher Continuous Time Sigma Delta Modulator



Shahbaz Abbasi, now working as a PhD Student at Microelectronics Group, Sabanci University, Turkey.

Khubaib Khan , now pursuing MS at ULM University, Germany.

Ifrah Jaffri, now working as a Research Associate at Habib University, Karachi.