Recent Activities

Successful Tapeout of IGNITE ASIC Based on 180nm CMOS MEMS Technology from X-FAB Foundry - Feb 2020

A Successful Tapeout of the Application Specific IC was recently conducted in the month of Feb 2020. The State-of-the-art project comprises of MicroElectroMechanical (MEMS) Sensors including Accelerometer, Chemical and Bio Sensors Monolithically integrated along with their respective Electronic Readouts based on 180nm CMOS Technology from X-FAB foundry. This IC might be first of its kind from the Pakistani academic sector. The applications cover structural health monitoring for predictive maintenance, real-time pathogen detection to enable wide-spread biological monitoring at domestic level and OPD level and IR spectroscopy for green-house gases detection and explosives vapor detection. The scope of underlying technologies is not limited by the mentioned applications - it points to a gradual capacity building in Integrated Circuits and Micro-Nano Electronics, which is a very rare but useful capability for national R&D landscape. 



Successful Demo 2 of IGNITE Project - July 2019 

A successful Demonstration of the Sensor Designs for the project were given to the Project Manager for this project. A detail design description was presented and the roadmap for the second half of the project was discussed.


HEC NRPU funded Project started - May 2019 

HEC through its National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) awarded a project funding of PKR 8.25 Million to the EDCAS Research group. The Project has a duration of 2 years and it started in May 2019. The project would involve high level designing in the field of wireless power transfer. The project would outcome a WPT system, which can be used for 1-5 Watts of Power over the air, at a distance of 5 meters with a power efficiency above 50%. The proposed system will use multiple wall-mounted transmitters (TX) and a portable small footprint receiver (RX).

Successful Completion of Arinc 429 Trainer - Dec 2018 

An ARINC-429 Avionics Interface Bus Trainer was designed, manufactured, integrated and successfully tested in collaboration with Aero Train - USA. Designed to train students and personnel to data transmission and bus standards used in commercial and transport aircraft. Features include, Linear Actuator, Rotating Beacon, Outside Air Temperature Probe and Cargo Door.


Green Innovation Challenge Participation - Sept 2018 

Organized By WWF- Pakistan, Green Innovation Challenge held a competition encouraging entrepreneurs, by providing them a platform to transform their ideas into ventures with a strong potential to reduce or eliminate plastic waste in Pakistan. EDCAS participated a cost-effective bio-degradable cotton tote bag with embedded electronic smart features including RFID Tag, Temperature Maintained compartment, Energy Harvester circuit and a Tracker. EDCAS made to the final round of the competition.



Successful Demo 1 of IGNITE Project - Sept 2018 

A successful Demonstration of the Acquired CADENCE Design tool which was acquired through IGNITE was given to the Project Manager for this IGNITE project. An overview of the project progress was given through a detail presentation.


Dr. Sarmad Sheikh Joins the EDCAS Research group - Sept 2018 

EDCAS welcomed Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Shaikh to Avionics Department, KIET and the EDCAS Research Group. With his PhD in Information Technology from Alpen-Adria University, Austria, and more than 5 years of research experience in the field of RF/microwave engineering and antenna designing he would be an important addition in leading the RF wing of the Research Group.


Perpetual License of Cadence Acquired - Jun 2018 

EDCAS Group procured Perpetual License of an industry standard IC Design from CADENCE Design Systems, Ireland. This is one of the only two globally available complete front-end and back-end IC Design Suites. These tools have been procured through Ignite National Technology Fund and have been installed on a powerful HP Linux Server provided by KIET. KIET is the first university to have the necessary 

IGNITE funded Project started - Jan 2018 

One of the Largest funded projects by IGNITE to an Institute in Sindh was granted to EDCAS Research group. This 3-year long project with funding amount of PKR 33 Million was started in January 2018 and would target a smart fusion of micro-sensor-systems, monolithically integrated inside a CMOS microchip. The targeted application of the proposed sensor-fusion would include structural-, chemical- and bio-hazard detection/prediction. This monolithic multi-sensor mire-system can be employed as a sensing node on a wireless-sensor-network (WSN) node in conjunction with off-chip connectivity and controller modules. (



EDCAS Patent Published and Granted - Sep 2017 

Alhamdulillah, An international patent of EDCAS Research Group has been published and granted by USPTO ( last week. This patent is of a high-precision IC to generated reference current. This patent is the result of International collaborative research between EDCAS and KACST, Saudi Arabia. This might well be the first-ever patent in IC design domain from Pakistani Academic sector. This patent is the sign of the fast pace at which research in KIET is achievning maturity.



EDCAS won EFABLESS and XFAB Challenge- Jan 2017 

X-FAB, one of the main IC manufacturers, located in Germany, opened up a global competition in November 2016 for a Voltage-Reference IC, the IC had to pass 475 specifications. EDCAS design met all the specifications and made it through a community consisting 88 teams of designers from 26 countries and secured 1st position.


EDCAS taped-out Vaccine Monitoring IC in collaboration with Al-Ain, UAE- Jan 2017

EDCAS taped-out a ground-breaking IC for Vaccine Monitoring System in collaboration with Al-Ain University UAE. The IC comprises ultra low-power circuits along with resonant high-efficiency wireless-power-transfer. This IC would be immersed in Vaccine right at the time of its manufacturing and would be regularly used to monitor the vaccine temperature through an external controller in a highly energy efficient manner.


Awards and certificates distributed among EDCAS membersfor designing a ground-breaking Vaccine Monitoring IC - Jan 2017

Award and certificates ceremony to honor EDCAS members who were instrumental in designing the ground-breaking Vaccine Monitoring IC in collaboration with Al-Ain university UAE.


Delegation from SEU China Visits COE to deliver talks on seminar,“Integrated Circuits, Micro-Systems and Supporting Technologies” - Nov 2016:

Delegation from South East University, China comprising Prof. Dr. Ing. Wang Zhi-Gong, Director of the Institute and Prof. Zhiqun Li, Vice Dean personally visited the Main Campus of PAF-KIET on 17 th and 18 th November, 2016 and delivered talks on the topics “IC Design for RF, Optic-Fiber and Neural Communications” and “40 GHz mm-wave receiver front-end design” respectively in a seminar namely “Integrated Circuits, Micro-Systems and Supporting Technologies”, organized by PAF-KIET in this context. Academias from all engineering universities were invited to attend this seminar and a live web-telecast was also arranged.

EDCAS  taped-out a  full-duplex LVDS transceivers Chip - Oct 2015

EDCAS successfully tapped out  LOW-POWER HIGH-SPEED LVDS TRANSCEIVER chip in collaboration with WAFERCAT, King Abdul-Aziz City of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


EDCAS won WAFERCAT IC Fabrication Award- Jun 2014

The EDCAS group's design of an LVDS transceiver operating at 2Gbps in 250nm CMOS technology has been selected as the top project in the WaferCAT post-grad University projects design contest organized by KACST, KSA. The EDCAS group will have free-fabrication of their design sponsored by WaferCAT.