Recent Activities

Approval of Integrated Bio-GMI Sensor and Electronics by PSF - Apr 2021

This project proposes a high-sensitivity, miniaturized and low-cost bio-sensor system for blood-assay and pathogen detection for point-of-care testing (POCT). The proposed system would enable early-stage detection of infectious diseases by driving technological developments towards low cost, easy to use and accurate portable electronic systems for medical diagnosis. The complete bio-sensor system would consist of a GMI (Giant Magneto Impedance) sensor, an application-specific readout IC (ASIC) developed to provide electrical and mechanical interface to the GMI sensor. The system would target specific diagnostic bio-markers and biological linkers to modulate the sensor’s impedance through magnetic coupling for selective detection. The GMI sensor would be integrated with the readout ASIC in an appropriate package to reach an area-efficient footprint. The ASIC would be custom-designed and fabricated in CMOS process through a standard CMOS FAB.


Testing of the Wireless Power Transfer System funded by HEC NRPU - Apr 2021

The Prototype test system for the purpose of wireless power transfer at a mid-range scale of 2 to 5m was developed in-house with the development of custom characterized antenna arrays and test boards. The system which consists of a smart transmitter and moderate efficiency receiver running at 2.4 GHz provided the required power transmission results with moderate efficiency.