Recent Activities

EDCAS won EFABLESS and XFAB Challenge- Jan 2017 

X-FAB, one of the main IC manufacturers, located in Germany, opened up a global competition in November 2016 for a Voltage-Reference IC, the IC had to pass 475 specifications. EDCAS design met all the specifications and made it through a community consisting 88 teams of designers from 26 countries and secured 1st position.

EDCAS taped-out Vaccine Monitoring IC in collaboration with Al-Ain, UAE- Jan 2017

EDCAS taped-out a ground-breaking IC for Vaccine Monitoring System inz collaboration with Al-Ain University UAE. The IC comprises ultra low-power circuits along with resonant high-efficiency wireless-power-transfer. This IC would be immersed in Vaccine right at the time of its manufacturing and would be regularly used to monitor the vaccine temperature through an external controller in a highly energy efficient manner.

Awards and certificates distributed among EDCAS membersfor designing a ground-breaking Vaccine Monitoring IC - Jan 2017

Award and certificates ceremony to honor EDCAS members who were instrumental in designing the ground-breaking Vaccine Monitoring IC in collaboration with Al-Ain university UAE.

Delegation from SEU China Visits COE to deliver talks on seminar,“Integrated Circuits, Micro-Systems and Supporting Technologies” - Nov 2016:

Delegation from South East University, China comprising Prof. Dr. Ing. Wang Zhi-Gong, Director of the Institute and Prof. Zhiqun Li, Vice Dean personally visited the Main Campus of PAF-KIET on 17 th and 18 th November, 2016 and delivered talks on the topics “IC Design for RF, Optic-Fiber and Neural Communications” and “40 GHz mm-wave receiver front-end design” respectively in a seminar namely “Integrated Circuits, Micro-Systems and Supporting Technologies”, organized by PAF-KIET in this context. Academias from all engineering universities were invited to attend this seminar and a live web-telecast was also arranged.

EDCAS signs MoU for collaborative research with (IROI) division of Southeast China University – June 2016: 
EDCAS signs MoU for collaborative research with Institute of Radio Frequency and Opto-Electronics Integrated Circuit Design (IROI) division of Southeast China University. IROI is a world renowned institute, directly funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The institute has been given the status of a National Key Laboratory and is headed by Prof. Dr. Ing. Wang ZhiGong. Research collaboration with IROI will enhance research capabilities considerably along with access to state-of-the-art circuit and system design technologies.

EDCAS  taped-out a  full-duplex LVDS transceivers Chip - Oct 2015

EDCAS successfully tapped out  LOW-POWER HIGH-SPEED LVDS TRANSCEIVER chip in collaboration with WAFERCAT, King Abdul-Aziz City of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

EDCAS won WAFERCAT IC Fabrication Award- Jun 2014

The EDCAS group's design of an LVDS transceiver operating at 2Gbps in 250nm CMOS technology has been selected as the top project in the WaferCAT post-grad University projects design contest organized by KACST, KSA. The EDCAS group will have free-fabrication of their design sponsored by WaferCAT.