• EDCAS Awarded Project Funding of PKR 77 Million from HEC National Research Center for Nano-Technology - July 2019

          The EDCAS group was awarded a funding of PKR 77 Million to become part of the HEC National Research Center for Nano-Technology in Pakistan. This proves to             be the recognition of the EDCAS research group as an integral part of the research center for nanotechnology in Pakistan. 


  • EDCAS Awarded Project Funding of PKR 8.25 Million from HEC NRPU Funding Agency - MAY 2019

The EDCAS group was awarded a funding of PKR 8.25 Million for its Project: A Mid-Range Wireless Power Transfer System For Portable Electronic Devices With Beam Forming from HEC NRPU. The project would result in a system that would be able to transmit power wirelessly from multiple wall mounted transmitter (Tx) modules to a portable small footprint receiver (Rx) Module at a distance of up to 5 Meters.


  • EDCAS idea of smart and bio-degradeable E-Zambeel cotton Tote bag got selected among the finalists of Green Innovation Challenge - OCT 18

Organized By WWF- Pakistan, Green Innovation Challenge held a competition encouraging entrepreneurs, by providing them a platform to transform their ideas into ventures with a strong potential to reduce or eliminate plastic waste in Pakistan. EDCAS participated a cost-effective bio-degradable cotton tote bag with embedded electronic smart features including RFID Tag, Temperature Maintained compartment, Energy Harvester circuit and a Tracker. EDCAS made to the final round of the competition.



  • EDCAS Awarded Project Funding of PKR 33.3 Million from IGNITE Funding Agency - JAN 2018

Funded by the Ministry of Telecom, IGNITE awarded PKR 33.3 Million to the EDCAS group for the Project Titled: Monolithic CMOS Microsystems for Structural, Chemical and Bio Hazard Detection. Achievement of being the largest funded project in the province of Sindh, will produce a smart fusion of micro-sensor-systems, monolithically integrated inside a CMOS microchip, suitable as an autonomous sensing-node of a wireless-sensor-network (WSN).



  • EDCAS Wins  First place at "X-FAB and EFABLESS Design Challenge to Create Ultra-Low Power Voltage Reference"

X-FAB, one of the main IC manufacturers, located in Germany, opened up a global competition in November 2016 for a Voltage-Reference IC, the IC had to pass 475 specifications.EDCAS design met all the specifications and made it through a community consisting 88 teams of designers from 26 countries and secured 1st position

  • EDCAS won WAFERCAT IC Fabrication Award-Jun 2014

The EDCAS group's design of an LVDS transceiver operating at 2Gbps in 250nm CMOS technology has been selected as the top project in the WaferCAT post-grad University projects design contest organized by KACST, KSA. The EDCAS group will have free-fabrication of their design sponsored by WaferCAT.