Labs and Facilities

Human Resource and Infrastructure

EDCAS has a Trained and Skilled HR for design and developement of various electronics projects including Mixed Signal IC Design, MEMS Sensor Design, Digital and Analog Electronics, RF Antenna Design.EDCAS also has a designated Advance Research Design Center for the purpose of research and development of different projects channeled from academic, industrial or governement entities. A glimpse of the seating arrangements of the Skilled Project Team, a conference room and an IC Testing Lab / Server room is shown.  

Team Seating Arrangements

The Pictures in Figure 1 below shows the seating arrangements of the research/development personnel which come under the umbrella of the EDCAS Research Group. Of which the left picture shows a cubicle of the Technical Team lead while the next picture shows the seating allocated to the Full-Time Researchers, Full-Time Research Assistants and Design Engineers. The aim is to provide an open environment  to the project team to enhance their performance.

Conference Room

The Conference room with a sitting capacity of 8 people is shown in the picture in Figure 2. Regular meetings are held in this room defining the course of the projects in development. A 60+ inch smart LED with touch technology can also be seen in the conference room to give it a state of the art feeling.


IC Testing / Server Room

The pictures below in Figure 3 shows two different views of the IC testing / Server Room. This room is protected by a glass frame and only certain personnel are allowed access to this vicinity. Different phases of the ASIC testing are performed here. The Servers which will be needed to run the simulations for our project will also be placed  in this room.

LAB Equipment/ CAD Tools

EDCAS over the years have acquired latest and High-Tech CAD tools, PDKs and Lab Equipments for the design, testing and characterization of Analog Mixed Signal and Digital ICs, MEMS Sensors, Wireless power transfer and many other electronics circuits. Namely, CADENCE for which EDCAS research group is the only official perpetual license holder in Pakistan. 





Lab Equipment’s List





Vector Network Analyzer

Rohde and Schwarz ZND

100KHz to 4.5 GHz

R&S ZV-Z192

RF Cable 50 Ohm


Power Meter


Power Meter

Source Meter


Required to provide precise source voltage and current for sensitive circuits

Signal Generator


9 KHz to 1.1/3.2 GHz

High end Function Generator

AFG-3081 GW Instek


Digital Storage Oscilloscope

MSO-2204E GW Instek






PCB milling machine




High end Server - 1

For CAD tools


High end Server - 2 For CAD tools
High end Server - 3 For CAD tools

Wafer Probe Station


Required for NEMS/MEMS Probing, Device I-V/C-V characterization



Active probe

R&S Active probe, freq. range up to 3.0 GHz

For high-Speed differential or single-ended probe and measurement in embedded designs

Manual Wire Bonder

MDB 2575 (Manual Wire Bonder For wire Dia. 25~75um)

Will be required to Wire bond Chip Dies on Prototyping PCBs for testing and Characterization

 Customized Vacuum Chamber



Shaker Table



Micro fluidic Pumps



Stereo High-Mag Optical Microscope

Required to observe nano/micro structures

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope

Required to observe nano/micro structures

Faraday Cage For Wireless Power Transfer Testing

Reactive ion etching (RIE) setup

For dry etching of photo-resist from the top of nano rods


Vacuum thermal rotary evaporator,

For the deposition of layers


Temperature controlled gas sensor characterization system/setup

For the characterization of Gas Sensor


Humidity sensor characterization system/setup

For the characterization of humidity Sensor


Ultrasonic bath, digital ultrasonic cleaner

Used in growth process of nano-structure


Glove Box, Isolator Stainless Steel Glove Box,

To perform synthesis processes in safe environment, Used in growth process of nano-structure


Tube furnace, 1200°C Compact Magnet Driven

For annealing